Firefox 30 beta 4 With New Interface

Firefox remains a favorite among the browsing cognoscenti for its leading customization possibilities, attractive design, and open-source provenance. Recently it's also gotten a lot faster and become the thrifty-memory-use champion—dispelling earlier complaints of excessive memory use. The independent software developer Mozilla continues to innovate.

Recent version updates have made quite a few improvements to the program. Chief among these are faster performance, better memory use, support for WebRTC (so webpages can access the camera and mic), and Web audio support. The new design will likely be a bit controversial with long-time Firefox users. It’s quite a departure from earlier versions, with rounded tabs and a menu that’s now behind the same kind of “hamburger menu” as Chrome’s. 

That kind of customization is also at the core of Mozilla’s thinking here. The organization thinks of Firefox as a browser you should be able to customize for your needs and to do this, the beta features extensive and easy to find customization options. Earlier versions of Firefox had similar features, but they were often hidden away a bit and most mainstream users never found them. With the Australis design, customization is now front and center. The design also puts an emphasis on simplicity. Tabs that aren’t currently active blend into the background, for example, and unless there is a page to go forward, the design simply hides the usual arrow buttons. Tabs now also sit higher up in the browser, so you get a few extra pixels of screen real estate for the sites you are looking at.

Firefox has integrated private browsing; you can easily enable and disable the private mode, browsing seamlessly in complete stealth. Furthermore, unlike other browser privacy modes, there is no noticeable icon or change to the interface when in private mode. Mozilla Firefox protects against viruses, spyware, malware, phishing sites and pop-ups. You cana download Firefox 30 beta 4 on the link below.

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